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Mother Earth's Rewards CardAt Mother Earth’s we appreciate your business and to show our appreciation we want to give you back something valuable…MONEY! Sign up for a Mother Earth’s rewards card today and start saving money just by doing what you already do…SHOPPING!

About Membership
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How it Works

You will receive exclusive promotions and special offers, and of course REWARDS! Our Rewards Program is designed to reward our best customers. Each time you reach the $250 threshold, you will receive a $5 store credit.

  • Membership is FREE!

The more you buy, the more you earn! It's just another way we want to say thank you for being our customer!


For general questions or comments about our rewards program, please email us at

Receiving Your Membership ID Card

You will receive your rewards card at the store when you sign up. Or, if you signed up online, it will be mailed to you. You may use the card as soon as you receive it and start earning reward dollars on all your purchases.

Privacy Policy

Information about your purchases, points, and rewards is strictly confidential and will not be shared, sold, rented, exchanged or given away under any conditions without your express permission. We respect your privacy and will protect your information with the utmost care and security. We will not abuse the trust you've shown us by participating in our program.

If I have questions about my rewards card who do I contact?
You can email us at or you can leave your question with any cashier the next time you shop.
Can I use multiple rewards cards?
No, only one card can be active at a time. However, you may have multiple names on a card.
Can I still get my rewards if I don't have my rewards card with me when I checkout?
No problem, just let the cashier know when you check out and they can look up your card number.
Need a New Card?

Did you lose your rewards card?
Is it really beat up from so much use?


No problem. Simply come in to any of our locations and let your cashier know you lost your card, they can issue you a new card. We will merge your old rewards dollars with your new card so all of your earned dollars will remain unchanged. Your old card will then no longer be active. If you'd rather, feel free to call us at 845-336-5541 or email us at


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