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Customer Testimonials
JULIET P. This store is wonderful! It's well organized and they have EVERYTHING! Great Vegan Foods too! A fantastic Health Food Store! One of the best!
SIRENA S. Our favorite meal spot daily! Especially yesterday's fried chicken, mac & cheese and hush puppies- all gluten free/ vegan compliments to the chef! Because I'm picky! And tons of food allergies...
SHAWN W. Just wanted to thank Nicole the Manager of the deli in Poughkeepsie for the amazing Wedding cake she made for Guy and I! It was a big hit and loved the fact it was gluten free. You did such a beautiful job on it! Thank you so much! I would recommend her to anyone!
NANCY P. Just had one of the best apple pies I have ever purchased from a bakery and it was gluten free. Amazing!!!!! Highly recommended.
FERNANDO V. Love Mother Earth's Storehouse. Fantastic place for organics and other good and natural products that you cannot find any place else. Great place to eat, too.
LYDIA D. We're at Mother Earth at least 3x/week, and love the variety and selections, especially the bulk goods, teas, personal care, and the great produce! The rewards card gives us something back every month. Thank you, Mother Earth's Storehouse!