Founded in 1978, Mother Earth's is commited to providing you with the best possible customer service and high quality, organic and natural products.

Company Information

HEALTH PLUS®, INC. was founded in 1981 by Rita and Pat Mediratta. Recognized as a pioneer and leader in the use of Psyllium in the whole husk form, HEALTH PLUS®, INC enjoys a major share of the Psyllium market in the Health Foods Industry.

Mission Statement

  • We are committed to keeping our customers happy by providing the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.
  • We assure unconditional satisfaction with a money back guarantee.
We take great pride in our commitment to excellence.

  • Superior quality control is of utmost importance. We do the processing and packaging of all HEALTH PLUS® products in our own facilities.
  • No artificial colors are used in any of our Psyllium products.
  • No chemical fillers or binders are used in our Psyllium products or herbs.
  • We regularly test our Psyllium by the Organo Halide Screen Test for pesticide levels and residues and none are detected.
  • A Certificate of Analysis is always available upon request.

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