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It starts with an unexpected burst of nervous energy. Your mind, which just a few moments ago focused on the task at hand, has suddenly veered off course. Your left leg has ceased to be controlled by you—it’s nervously bouncing up and down, a self-actualized puppet-on-a-string. The need to stand up and just move overtakes you, yet you really have no place to be. Put together, this seems like a pretty odd way to lose weight.

Yet, a number of weight management supplements intentionally cause the reactions above. They focus on using chemical compounds that stimulate the central nervous system. They literally attempt to make you jitter your way to weight loss. While they may be considered “safe,” is that really the way you want to enhance your weight management agenda?

fücoTHIN® from Garden of Life® works differently— naturally— as part of your overall plan that includes a healthy calorie restricted diet and exercise to help you attain your weight loss goals. The key component in fücoTHIN—super-concentrated fucoxanthin—is naturally derived from brown seaweed. fücoTHIN bypasses the central nervous system, working at the cellular level to convert fat into energy. Since the central nervous system isn’t involved, fücoTHIN allows you to burn fat without experiencing the jitters or nervous symptoms. fücoTHIN is the whole-food alternative to weight loss supplementation.

Whole Food Discovery

Fucoxanthin was “discovered” the way most good nutritional supplement ingredients are discovered—by looking at components of a healthy diet. In this case, scientists were curious as to whether or not brown seaweed, a vegetable source for some of the healthiest populations on the planet, had any infl uence on weight management.

They discovered that fucoxanthin—an antioxidant found in certain types of brown seaweed—had a unique effect on fat. It worked to naturally increase metabolism without stimulating the central nervous system. In fact, they found that fucoxanthin from brown seaweed worked deep within the body at the cellular level. Within fat cells, fucoxanthin was shown to speed up the metabolic process and increase the conversion of fat into energy.

While the scientists who discovered how fucoxanthin acts in the body were surprised at how it works, they weren’t necessarily surprised that it works. There is a long history of looking to whole foods for health. fücoTHIN represents that concept—a whole food weight loss supplement, clinically studied in a total of 150 overweight and obese Eastern European women in a randomized, doubleblinded placebo controlled 16-week study, to help you manage your weight without any unwanted side effects.

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